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Determination of stories above grade in elevated one and two family dwellings in flood hazard areas...(read more)

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The purview of the Incorporated Village of Freeport's Building Department is administering and enforcing the codes for:

  • Building
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical
  • Housing

The Building Department will also regulate and govern:

  • Multiple residences
  • Places of public assembly
  • Unsafe buildings
  • The use and maintenance of real property in the incorporated areas of Freeport

All structural work conducted in residential or commercial properties requires the submittal of an application for a permit with 2 sets of signed and sealed Architectural drawings. All construction, plumbing and electrical work requires a permit from the Building Department and must conform to the N.Y.S. Uniform Fire Protection and building code, as well as other Village of Freeport related codes.

The building department will not accept any applications for any construction unless the following are provided at time of filing:

  • two (2) sets of signed and sealed plans
  • a digital set of plans on disk, thumb drive, or email

Permit applications and requirements are available at Village Hall. Or, they can be requested via email or downloaded. Complaint Forms may also be found at the Freeport Recreation Center, the Village Court Clerk's office, the Village Clerk's Office, and the Village Attorney's Office.

If you need flood insurance information, please contact the Building Department.