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Welcome to the Incorporated Village of Freeport!

If you believe in civic spirit and community pride…If you want to enjoy the advantages of living, working or doing business in a fine suburban village…And if you are willing to do your bit towards maintaining those advantages… You belong in Freeport.

Freeport Long Island History

The following links will provide you information regarding some of our municipal laws, amenities, and historical information to help you get virtually acclimated to our village.

Freeport Village Codes

Freeport Police Department

Freeport Fire Department

Freeport Building Department

Freeport Water

Freeport Electric

Freeport Sanitation

Freeport Emergency Management

Freeport Treasures Office (Taxes)

Freeport Village Clerk

Freeport Recreation Center

Other Useful Links

Freeport Public Schools

Freeport Post Office

Roosevelt/Freeport Family Center
380 Nassau Road, Roosevelt, NY 11575
(516) 571-8600

Freeport Chamber of Commerce

Places of Worship

Veteran Services

Nassau County

Town of Hempstead

Dog Licenses

Nassau County Wildlife Control

TOH Animal Shelter

NYS Lifeline Discounted Telephone Service