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Village of Freeport Virtual Court Registration Form

  1. Please complete the form below to request that your matter be scheduled in a Virtual Court session in the Freeport Village Court. The court will review your request and schedule your matter virtually if deemed appropriate. You will receive an email confirmation with instructions on how to participate. Please expect to be available for up to one hour for your virtual court hearing.

  2. Por favor complete el siguiente formulario para solicitar que su asunto sea programado en una sesión de la Corte Virtual en el Tribunal de Freeport Village. El tribunal revisará su solicitud y programará su asunto virtualmente si lo considera apropiado. Recibirá una confirmación por correo electrónico con instrucciones sobre cómo participar. Espere estar disponible hasta por una hora para su audiencia en la corte virtual.

  3. * Notice to Attorneys – this option is NOT available to Attorneys. All new and/or pending cases with the Freeport Village Court will be handled by plea memorandum by mail with the Village Attorney’s office. Please inform your client that he/she does not need to fill out this form if you are representing the defendant. Please fax the Court at (516) 377-2209 with your formal Notice of Appearance and all pertinent proofs for the case to proceed.

  4. For example, 20060153.01, BF784262-3, AP38115

  5. Note

    If you do not have your ticket number, please contact the court at 516-377-2329, Option 1 for Traffic.

  6. Best number to contact

  7. Days for Virtual Court Sessions

    To request a virtual court session, choose one of the following days (Para solicitar una sesión de la corte virtual, elija uno de los siguientes días)

  8. All necessary proofs must be submitted prior to the court date (Todas las pruebas necesarias deben presentarse antes de la fecha de audiencia.)

  9. Is an Interpreter needed for court? (¿Es necesario el Intérprete para la corte?)*

  10. If you answered "Yes", for an interpreter needed for court, write the language that is needed for the interpreter. (Si la repuesta es Sí ¿qué idioma necesita?)

  11. This document will be electronically submitted to the Freeport Village Court.

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