Emergency Tips

Emergency Tips & Guidelines

  • Make arrangements now for elderly and others with special needs, such as those who depend on electrical life support. The Freeport Emergency Management Team has a list of residents on life support in Freeport, and will contact them directly to make sure they are cared for.
  • Store as much drinking water as possible in clean container.
  • Fill your car's gas tank and be prepared to evacuate if told to do so.
  • If you are told to evacuate – comply immediately!
  • Take your Disaster Supply Kit with you.
  • Let your family and friends know where you are going.
  • NOTE: No smoking, alcoholic beverages, weapons or pets are allowed in public shelters.
  • Inventory personal property.
  • Safely secure all records and valuable documents in a watertight place.
  • Make a video tape recording of your home and personal property to aid you in your recovery efforts.